What is MindDog ?

The vision

MindDogs vision is to help point out and visualize the human routine and the limitations, as can be seen for instant by dog training.

Even when it looks so easy, are we as humans quick to stop for further learning and new ways to think.

Exercises can then be almost impossible to perform even though the dog is able to perform it, but the human in the other end of the leash is the stopper of the pair.


Through the use of mental training we'll help motivate yourself to solve the difficulties in training and give you an insight to how it can be done.

Your dog is able to do SO much as long as you don't stop it ;-)

Motivation is amongst many things individual self developments talks as well as coaching sessions, training sessions with your dog etc.

Self development and not least self recognition is and will be the codewords to keep yourself in development to break the routines and make those for YOU right choices.

Self insight & -development

We're helping you to look deep inside and will talk to you about what your own expectations is with exercises you want to train. It is important that you have the right feeling in your body, when you're training otherwise it might be wasted.

We are your mirror and you get a visual experience of your own training and least not how you're engaging with your dog.

It's all about understanding your own self development which include the process of training your own dog and at the same get a lot out of training.

You have to be ready to make a change within yourself and is able to see the progress - we make sure that you get the right tools to get the best practice.

Welcome to MindDog !

What you can get at MindDog

MindDog offers training, mental training, personal development, seminars etc. and is a small company which uses high quality consultants from home and abroad.

MindDog wants to highlight how we reacts in the relationships with our animals and in the training together with them.